If you are looking for a SEO Consultant or SEO specialists to work on your site, get the consultant that will not give any deceptive statement or guarantees that your site can be ranked number one. No one can guarantee the top rank. The only stuff that they can provide is to guide you or perform the tasks that will make a website to be properly indexed, crawled and ranked by search engines to an ethical method. Here’s a video showing Matt Cutts answering a question regarding this issue and the web spam team leader of Google says it all, “Nobody can guarantee a no. 1 position.”

What I usually do when a client asked me to make an improvement on their rankings are methods that are all based on the Google Webmaster guidelines. However, sometimes the campaign fails because the client refuses to perform suggestions and improvements suggested for the site to perform well.

Contact me now for SEO Consultancy and go to ClaremontDesign.com to check out their webdesign rates to fit to your online ventures today.

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