I did not make any posts for the past few days because I was so busy with my work. My schedules right now are overloaded. My “boss” gave me a lot of schedules for the current year and so I have little time to search for things to post over this blog. I can’t even manage to play chess after office hours due to this new schedules.

Now, I have a new programming project and this will add to my very hectic schedules. Despite this kind of very tiring jobs, I manage to set-up the new website intended for Capiz Bloggers. It’s a social networking website intended for bloggers and surfers from Capiz. I used the social networking script called PHPIzabi which is also known as “Alicia”. The website can be found at http://www.capiz-bloggers.com but still it is on the initial phase and still revising some of its features. I just stop from revising it this week due to my said busy schedules.

Well, if anyone from Capiz can find this blog, I hope that they join and support the Capiz Bloggers community.

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