When I got my Samsung Galaxy Tab from Smart Wireless Center (leading mobile provider in the Philippines) by plan 2000, the first thing that I test on the gadget is how fast the internet is via 3G/HSDPA/EDGE/GPRS. It is because I usually encounter slow or issues on connection on smart wireless which I usually solved by using Google DNS or OpenDNS. I don’t know what’s the problem with Smart’s DNS but I don’t care about it so I usually replace it with or which solves every problem on my Windows PC using Smart or even PLDT broadband.

Now, it is easy to configure it on Windows but I didn’t find any option on my new Android gadget on setting the DNS on 3G. So I did some Google search and find some solutions to configure the DNS on Samsung Galaxy Tab and other Android based gadgets.

Here are the things that you need to do first:

  1. Root your Samsung Galaxy Tab. First, I downloaded Z4Root from forum.xda-developers.com and install it on the tab. You can download it via http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=834428. Z4Root is used to root your Android phone which mean will allow you to have a SU (superuser) access to your phone so that you can install apps that requires SU privileges such as the script that I will feature here to configure your DNS.

    What I like about Z4Root is it allows you to temporarily root your device which I recommend so that you can revert from the original setting of your tab if in case you encounter any issue on rooting the device.

  2. Install Busy Box. You can download BusyBox Installer from the Marketplace. You need to run it after temporarily rooting your tab. This apps allows you to run basic linux / android commands on your phone. Usually it comes with Z4root but I don’t know why my installation didn’t work and so I install it anyway.
  3. Install GScript Lite. This app can be downloaded via the Marketplace.

After you install the necessary apps, create a script using GScript lite and type the following:

setprop net.dns1
setprop net.dns2
setprop net.pdp01.dns1
setprop net.pdp01.dns2

Run the script and then test your browser if it uses openDNS via www.opendns.com/welcome/, openDNS will confirm if you’re using their DNS or not. You can change the numbers if you want into Google’s DNS by replacing with and with

Take note, the script should be run every time you want to use the openDNS or Google DNS using your 3G because it resets ever time a new session of the internet is created. I still don’t know how to make my tab to automatically use the DNS but I will update you if in case I find a solution about this.

Then, the NET.PDP01.DNS1 might change depending on your tab’s setting (maybe you have a different carrier, etc.) . You can check your setting by running getprop | grep dns to see your own setting which you can execute via GSCript lite. My setting is shown below:

Now if you have a better solution for this, you can leave your comments below and let me know. I’ll update you guys later if I find more stuff that I can improve this one. Happy surfing! – Bleuken


  1. Julio

    tried changing the dns…now i cannot connect to the net..how can i reset it? i am now using gingerbread. but i have rooted my tab via odin. can u be more detailed in using gscript lite? thank you very much…anyways, mas bumilis ba yung connection mo pag,change ng dns? what dns?

    1. @Julio, I didn’t flash my tab to 2.3 gingerbread. Maybe bcoz I’m waiting for the official release and still got no time exploring the device and not actually using it right now. Regarding the DNS, I use and – did you try rebooting your system? My tips above will reset to old settings when rebooted.

    2. Julio

      the gingerbread release is official and can be downloaded via samsung kies…did ur internet become relatively faster than ur previous speed with the changed DNS? THANK u

  2. christian

    Hello Eileen, usually the US version is not 3G. That is why it is better to buy it outside US. But it is actually cheaper because it is only wifi and doesnt really have sim.

  3. Patrick

    Sir, I saw your old post on fixing pldt dsl dns problems. Would you mind to update the post please for newer ways and stuffs? Thanks in advance.

  4. eileen

    Hello! Does the Samsung Galaxy Tab that you purchased from Smart needs a sim card? I purchased the tab here in the US but it doesn’t have a sim, they said they are not using the GSM network and I dont remember the name of the network they are using. How can I have internet on my tab other than using WI-FI?

    I really appreciate if you could help me in any way you can. You seem to be very familiar with the tab. Thanks a lot!

    1. Have you tried smart’s SIM? or try visiting Smart Wireless center and ask for assistance.

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