iPhone Getting Cheaper & Better

3G iPhone today is about to release by Apple and in the most cheaper price. A touch-screen phone from Apple will be having features of GPS like modern smart phones today and with faster internet through wifi technology which both features like by most techie fan around the world. Now, iPhone will be released starting […] WARP+: Free VPN from Cloudflare – Making Your Internet Safer and Faster!

It’s already live! The free VPN service from Cloudflare called WARP is here. The fastest in the west and east in terms of  DNS, is now in an app called WARP with an added VPN (virtual private network) features that let you protect your internet connection private and safe. If you wish to download […]

Funny Suggestions from My Friends on How to Deal With the NOTE 7 “Catching Fire” Issue

Here are some of the funny suggestions of my friends on how to safely use the Note 7 with the current “catching fire” problem. Use the phone inside a ziplock filled with water. Buy a fire extinguisher and make sure to bring it with you every time you use your note. Don’t charge it while […]

Use Event Management Software to Engage Your Event Attendees

Back in the days, event management have been so difficult for the man in charge as he is using the slowest and yet traditional method in identifying the target audience, finding an event concept, and planning the logistics. Now with the availability of various tools today, achievement of the success of events is much easier […]

Watch Mayweather vs. Ortiz HBO 24/7 Episodes Online

Update: Check the comment below to for the link/s to watch it or you can also leave your comments about 24/7. HBO 24/7 returns again to bring the behind the scenes of the highly expected world welterweight championship fight of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Victor Ortiz. The four part episode documentary series that focuses the […]