Common Christmas Wish List

Christmas is about to come with several days to count on the calendar and each and everyone of us are all expecting for gifts to come. Maybe some from Santa Claus or from our real and can be touched loved ones. Every age have different wants for Christmas day. Children’s desired gifts are more into […]

Nokia’s “Tube”

After the release of the first handset with a Google’s Android platform the other day, buzzing all over the net right now is about the unveiling of the new touch phone of Nokia this coming October 2. This new phone which is code named as “Tube” will be expected to battle iPhone 3G in the […]

Touchless Society

With the emergence of the Apple’s iPod Touch and iPhone 3G in the world, it seems that the future is the touch screen technology. Microsoft Surface also uses touch screen technology. If in case Microsoft Surface reaches the Philippines, I hope we could have it as our electronic blackboard for our computer laboratory so that […]