Certify.com, the leading provider of expense management system released another exciting feature that will surely benefits freelancer, contractors, entrepreneurs and individuals who wants a simple and intuitive system for managing their expenses, invoices and track their activities using their smart phones like iPhone, Blackberry, Windows 7 and Android cellphones. The said mobile application is launched on a website that can be found on the URL: http://www.certifywallet.com.

Certify Wallet Mobile App on iPhoneWhat are the features of this Certify Wallet mobile app? Well here are some of them that can really be very useful for your daily activities:

  • easy online invoicing on the go
  • unlimited invoices and clients
  • track time and expenses by client and by project
  • generate expense reports
  • book a flight, hotel or rental car with automated creation of expense reports send to your clients
What is so best on this Certify Wallet mobile app? Well this will cost you $0.00 or nothing! That’s right this incredible application is all for FREE and ready for you to be used anytime you want it. Just go to their website and pick the smart phone that you are using daily and then install it to your phone and you are done and ready to go with your free online invoicing and automated expense reports generator.
What are you waiting for, grab a copy of the application and experience the change that it might bring to your daily activities with free of  hassles and with great ease.
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