Here’s a video from a webinar that featured Tim Ash discussing about “the 7 sins of landing page design.” I first found this from forum shared by user: PBO and want it to share it here too. I’ve listed below the summary of the topics that was discussed on the video.

  • Sin #1:Unclear Call-to-Action Redemption #1: Strengthening Call-to-Action
  • Sin #2: Too Many Choices Redemption #2: Reducing Choices
  • Sin #3: Asking for Too Much Information Redemption #3: Simplifying Forms
  • Sin #4: Too Much Text Redemption #4: Shorten Your Text
  • Sin #5: Not Keeping Your Promises Redemption #5: Keep your promises
  • Sin #6: Visual Distraction Redemption #6: Make it More Boring
  • Sin #7: Lack of Credibility & Trust Redemption #7: Borrow & Solidify Trust

Landing page designs for your site is important because it is the page where the potential customers establish a “first and lasting impression” about your site and at the same all the leads and conversion started. Better landing pages can bring a real difference to the revenue to come to your organization.

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