Back in the days, event management have been so difficult for the man in charge as he is using the slowest and yet traditional method in identifying the target audience, finding an event concept, and planning the logistics. Now with the availability of various tools today, achievement of the success of events is much easier and efficient than ever.

With the use of the latest computers and mobile technology, event management is as easy as simply grasping every single detail with the palm of your hands. Imagine, you can easily engage your event attendees and/or track leads even if you have thousands of possible people to participate such happenings. Aside from that there’s a lot of organization that provide a customized solution for everyone who wants a successful events.

Crowdcomms LogoOne of the company that I found over the web that provides the most comprehensive event management software and solution provider is the It is a company that serves organization in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and other countries of the world.

Crowdcomms got a mobile app called eVapp which allows attendees and organizers to interactively communicate with each other during the event through their mobile phones and tablets. Galabid app is also one of the system that this company provides which is a silent auction system that utilizes any tablets (iPad, Android pads – Samsung Galaxy tab, Acer Aconio) and/or mobile phones silently bid and pay securely. They also provide a traditional audience response service system and modern system called mobile phone polling system which increases the chance for a higher audience response rate compared to the paper form feedback system. Yet another wonderful system from their is their free iLead app – a lead tracking system which allows users to conveniently capture leads anywhere through mobile gadgets and access rich reports from a secure server.

All of this system from Crowdcomms mentioned here are compatible to any mobile platforms from iPhone system, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone system.

If you want a more detail information about the services that can provide, just visit their website at and contact them. Good luck and have a great events starting today!

The video below shows some of the testimonies of the users of this technology.

What is the advantage of using event management software and utilizing the available mobile technology as tool? One thing is that you don’t need to maintain a very expensive server for the data for the system is located in the cloud which you can access anywhere and anytime – before and after an event. It is faster and much accurate compared to the “good old days” system. It gives convenience to the attendees and even engage them to participate to giving  feedback thus a better data to analyze for the organizers. Well, you should upgrade your system now and try making the best out of what you can get from the latest technology today.

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Kathy Griffin
10 years ago

Today, if you want to make your event successful, it is essential to engage audience and ask them to participate in every discussion or debate. The more you allow them to access your event website to all the participants and attendees the more your event will get popularity. One person will pass on the message to another and hence your event will get promoted. All you can do using event management software. Send all updates about your conference to attendees. This will help them stay up-to-date about your event. Also, organize online poll which can be managed using cell phones. Exciting polls and online debates will make attendees excited and they will definitely make sure they attend your conference.