The Manny Pacquiao versus Shane Mosley welterweight championship match dubbed as UNSTOPPABLE is fast approaching and as part of the promotion of the organizers of this fight, they have produced a documentary series that will tackle the different behind the scenes of the preparations and activities of the boxers before the fight begins. The first episode of the Fight Camp 360° Pacquiao/Mosley was aired last April 2, 2011 on CBS and April 16 on SHOWTIME. The show was entitled as “The Hype” which features the beginning of the promotion of the Pacquiao vs. Mosley which includes their press tour, photo shoot, interviews and visit of the Filipino boxer to the White House and meeting President Barack Obama.

[youtube 560 349]

I really love how they show the funny side of the hardships of Manny and Shane. Specially when the Pacman got late on the photo shoot and how he handle those water spraying pictorial. His humor really surface in almost all of the frame of the documentary. Meanwhile, Mosley’s camp shows how they are determined to beat the Filipino boxer by engaging their fighter into a real extensive training and they believe that Manny’s fighting style is really suited to what Shane can defeat.

I am really looking forward for the 2nd episode and based on the site WATCHPACQUIAO.COM, the next episode will be airing on April 23, 2011 this Saturday (Sunday here in the Philippines). Watch out for it and I will definitely share it here at

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