finalistWhen I was chosen as one of the semi-finalists of the Philippine Web Awards for blog category, I was really excited. It is my first participation to this prestigious event and I actually did not expect it. That is why I am really thankful to this organization for the opportunity that they’ve given to this blog to be exposed in this kind of awarding event. But later it changed a little. Why? Well, it’s already January 4 and Philippine Web Awards did not announce yet the official finalist for this year’s award. They have posted on their website last October 30, 2008 that they will officially announced the 5 official entries who will qualify as finalists this December 31, 2008. But, when I checked on my email and their website for any announcement, I did not found any email from them informing me of the results of the selection. I checked it for 4 days now and I still got no news from them. I actually emailed them last January 1 and still there is no response from them yet.

Well, I am little bit disappointed because I am really expecting that PWA will be very conscious with dates. They’ve been organizing such event for so many years and I think this “small” detail is not like them to forget about it. One reason that I am looking at why is it that they were not able to announce it yet (or maybe was not able to trim it down yet or come up with a decision for finalizing the list of finalists) is because of the holiday season.

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14 years ago

di ako makapaniwala sa ELGU city category na natalo ng Manila City ang Tagum, Marikina at Iligan kung titignan nyo mga design at content with services ng mga ito ay astig.. tsk tsk tsk anong nangyayari sa Pilipinas, kawawa naman mga web designer na kagaya ko haaaay

15 years ago

Well money matters dude. The more votes and the longer the time, the more money awaits them, hehehe.