C# Fixing Slow DataGridView and Stop Flickering DataGrid

I’m working on a certain project in C# and using DataGridView in the project but encounter flickering grid and slow refresh in the DataGridView as the data increases. I usually use SuspendLayout and ResumeLayout to deal with this issue but I’m not contented with the outcome. So I look for the solution for this issue […]

List of Ad Networks to Earn Money Online

Now you have a website with high traffic and you want to monetize it. There are a lot of ways to do that.You can either sell an ad space or use an ad network that will let you earn via the number of impressions that your sites are making. The list below are some of […]

How to Make Government Sites Like COMELEC.GOV.PH Secure?

The recent hacking of the government site: COMELEC.gov.ph leads to a lot of doubt if the agency is capable of conducting the computerized election securely. The 2nd attack that leads to the database leak that compromised information of the voters, added to this doubt. Damage have been done and it only proves that there’s a […]

How to Install PHP7 Memcached in CentOS?

I’ve been using memcached since PHP 5.6 for my persistent object caching needs but when I upgraded to PHP 7, I stop using it since I wasn’t able to make the recent plugin to work with the said version of PHP. Compiling of the plugin from source always fails so I gave up the idea […]