SmartBRO, Globe, PLDT LTE: How to Maximize Your Broadband with A Data Cap in the Philippines?

Internet users from the Philippines are currently stuck with wireless broadband from PLDT, Smart and Globe with a data cap. This happens after these telecom companies decided to put a data limit with their broadband services and removed their unlimited surfing promos. The only remaining unlimited broadband now is the DSL service by PLDT which is available […]

Phishing Scam Letter from MetrobankDirect Poser

It’s two days in a row that I received a “phishing scam email” from the same sender this week. I don’t know if I’m targeted or where they get my email address from. I actually almost fall for it because when I check the sender’s email address it shows the official email address of Metrobank Direct Philippines. […]

Recover Corrupted C# Form – Nulled .CS Issue

I’m developing a system the other night for a client and was working with a very critical part of the system. I’m using Microsoft Visual C# and while I was coding, my son suddenly turn off my computer. I thought there will be no issue after that but when I open the project again, I […]

My Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and My Worries!

Update: Really a hassle! I returned the USB-C to micro usb adapter of my OCULUS VR2 with the Samsung Galaxy NOTE 7 box and this mean that I can’t use my S7 edge in the device. I tried contacted the Samsung store where I get my galaxy but it seems that they can’t find ways […]