Yesterday, I really have a bad day! My white shirt got dirt while I’m driving with my motor bike then lost two games out of four badly in a chess tournament. Now today, I have a bad stomach maybe due to the “Ginata-ang Mongo” (Mungbean with Coconut Milk) that we ate last night. I almost got 5 restroom sessions today, what a day!

Despite this event happens to me, I still managed to write a set of FAQs about the recent Busby SEO Challenge. I collected this FAQs from different blogs and forums I have visited for the past few days for the said SEO challenge. Regarding my entries, well they quite improving and keep on dropping their positions hehehe. I can’t really provide a good fight for the forces of SEO masters from different part of the world. It’s a three month battle for the best and I still got time to make some changes with my previous tactics. I realized something that might change my rank. My game plan later, I will develop a new theme for this blog so I can have an original design for myself, but for the meantime this design from Dezzaine will do the trick!

Update (07/27/2008):

Isusulat ko to sa lenguahe ko kasi ang mga ibang madadayang kalahok e kinokopya ang ibang kontent ng ibang kontestant para siguro medyo bumaba ang ranggo ng ibang mga kalahok. akala ko hindi ako mabibiktima nito kasi wala namang kalaban-laban ang entry nato pero ganon pa rin may nanginit talaga! Langya nga e!

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