Google DanceYesterday, I’ve checked the search result of for the key phrase “busby seo challenge” and Pogung was leading but now a different website have taken its position on number one. Another SEO master who is very determined to win (as based on his blog posts about Busby SEO Challenge), really started to tighten his grip on the Google SERP. I’m talking about LiteReview and then now is also trying to get the top rank.

You can really see how Google is affected with this recent SEO challenge, results are keep on dancing. Changes almost happen every hour of the day. I can’t even make a concrete forecast of the possibilities of this Busby Challenge. I can’t make any prediction of who will be the possible top three best SEO experts that will win this challenge. This Google Flux really driving every challengers crazy. It is because that they can’t dance or cope with the different steps that the rhythm of Google is currently playing. Google algorithm is right now a very “big secret” and I’m still cracking the algorithm, guessing, analyzing and finding what’s the right tactics or techniques to apply so that it is according to what SE spider like.

Some SEO gurus who participated the said Busby SEO Challenge don’t even reveal their techniques. According to them they simply comply to the guidelines of Google in designing their websites. They simply follow the rules as per written on the Google’s Webmasters Guidelines. I did read it and tried to comply with it so I’m hoping that website will reach even at least page one of the SERPs. I will still continue this fight even I’m “domain age” behind other websites.

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