When I check the Busby SEO Challenge Leaderboard today, I found out that Sphereteam were oust by Pogung177 on rank number one of the Google SERP. So I check on the site of Pogung177 and kind to like the guy’s posts and opinion about the current SEO challenge. He discusses how busby seo challenge participants were spamming the social bookmarking sites just to be ranked on Google. He also point out that this does not mean anything to lift your rank on Google since social bookmarking sites (specifically he mention Digg) set external links with nofollow attribute which does not add up to PageRank.

If in case Pogung177 will win the busby seo challenge, I’ll be glad to accept it. I find his entry to be with quality content which is worth of being crown as champion of the challenge. Pogung177 is an Indonesian, at first I thought he was an Australian but I have seen the flag that shows his patriotism to his country. I actually even copy his style of putting the flag of my country on my blog.

W ell, if he can find this entry I hope he will not get it wrong. I really like how he do it with his entry on the Busby SEO Challenge. Kudos to you pogung177 from bleuken.com!

Regarding with my Busby SEO Challenge entries, my positions are rank 14, 21 and 46 which are far from being on page one. While this blog bleuken.com did not manage to enter to top 100. Well whatever, things will happen if it is intend to happen!

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