Google Trends on Busby SEO ChallengeGoogle trends ( is a Google tool used by users from all over the world to check and compare the demands of various search terms and see the popularity of these terms differ across geographic regions, cities or languages. I use this tool and check the keyphrase “busby seo challenge” and there are still no data for this, maybe because the keyphrase is still new. I want to check this to see possible entrants for the said SEO challenge.

As an alternative for this objective, I check the keyword “seocontest2008” instead.

The result of the Google trends shows that most of searches comes from the Philippines. This only means that many active SEO specialists participated the said SEO challenge. Actually the winner for the said contest was from France and the trends shows that they are almost the least country that queries for the keyword (and third on the Cities). Other top countries who searched for this keyword (and expected to join the Busby SEO Challenge 2008) are: Indonesia (Jakarta), Bulgaria, Hungary, India, France and United States. Woah, big time participants huh well that will not discourage me from joining the Busby SEO Challenge instead it will push me more!

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