I decided to build back the Capiz Forum the other week and its already up and ready to accept new forum members. It can be found on the URL: http://capizforum.weehz.com. The last time that I made the Capiz Forum was last year but since the web host that I used was a free hosting account I wasn’t able to properly maintain it. The database use for the said forum platform corrupted and that made the forum go down. I wasn’t able to make a back-up of it and because of the busy schedules the other past months, I was not able to bring the forum back immediately.

Now, this forum intended for all the Capiznon around the globe to meet, share their thoughts on different hot topics about the province and other things, know the news about their province and chat sometimes.

I am inviting everyone to join the forum and be part of this community. “Aton ini!”  

SEO Consultant from Capiz

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