Google PageRank as seen at the Google ToolbarI’ve just discovered recently that another PageRank (PR) update was made. That’s right! My new websites and blogs gain some PR after several updates. The last time that there is an update as I remember was this May, just the other month. It seems that this is one of the changes that Google made on this PR changes. It seems that they can make any PR update any time they want or maybe they make the calculations of PR much easier,  allowing newly built websites to gain an appropriate PR basing on a certain merit.

Well, this is good news for me and good news for those who are starting to have their websites. PageRank, even for others are not important, is still a great number or green bar to glance at whenever you open a certain website. It is like a status symbol for every website today that Google developed and dream by website owners around the world.

How’s your PR, did it increase or decrease?

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