seo-educationMy friends and co-teachers discussed this matter last summer when we have our vacation in Boracay. We are planning to organize a certain organization or a so-called foundation that will help less fortunate students but deserving one in our school to pursue with their studies. We are thinking that it is a way for us to share something to other people that really need something. We are also planning to give the beneficiary a special training about search engine optimization and web design so that later if the students are interested, they can render their service to the organization or foundation as their starting job and then let them find their way to the internet to find their own career online or offline.

Our problem is the fund that we will use for such objective. I suggested to them that we should accept projects on SEO Consultancy and IT consultancy jobs that can raise fund for such purpose. However, these plans are not yet materialized for each of us are busy with some things to solve our own problems. Me, I want this to happen but I think I don’t have enough resources for such as of this moment. Maybe by next year, I might pursue with this plan and maybe by this time my dream of helping other people thru SEO will come true.

What do you think of this idea, can I really make use of SEO to have an educational foundation or an organization that will let students from our province to continue with their studies and reach their dreams?

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Jhelo Cruz
13 years ago

this is a good idea! nothing is impossible naman as long as you’re really willing to help..
i also want to help in this project, i hope i can!