In web design, images plays a vital role in making a stunning appearance of a site. However, in the SEO’s point of view a site that is full images is not good for the “crawlability” and ranking of the site in search engines. It is simply because the spiders (refers to the BOT / program used by search engines to crawl or read web pages) can not read text from graphics. Search engines usually based their rankings on that text that they can see from pages.

Even Matt Cutts (head of Google web spam team and the Google Guy responsible for cracking down link spam) stated on the following video that it will be very difficult for them to implement the “read text on images idea” so we can not expect that this capability of search engines will be available in the near future.

Here’s the video:

That’s why guys, if you are designing a page for yourself or clients, try to consider this basic SEO tip: “Avoid an all-image no text design.”

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