WordPress 2.7 Beta 1 Released

The famous and my favorite CMS (content management system), WordPress, released its 2.7 beta version last November 1. I already seen this that day but I did not discuss about it yet since that time I have no time to try it. Just only this night, I installed it on my website in a separate […]

Friendster uses WordPress

I actually don’t use Friendster frequently. It is because I am not fond of posting my “not so nice” photos and posting testimonials to other people (maybe because I am not bolero or I am too old for this). But I think I will change my mind about this not because my looks improves on […]

Upload Photos on Picasa Web

For several years that I have been blogging, I encountered a lot of image hosting websites to cater my photo / image hosting needs. Recently I am using Picasa Web to host my pictures specially in one of my blog in i.ph. Actually the i.ph blog hosting has their own image hosting capabilities but the […]

Dealing with Copy & Paste Gang (Plagiarists)

When I started blogging, the first ever problem I encountered was the “copy and paste gang”. I called them Copy & Paste gang” because of what they have done with my entries. They create their new blogs and since they don’t have anything to write about it they went to my blog then select all […]

Change Title Permanently

I decided this morning to change the title of this website to “Filipino Programmer on the Web”. It will be the permanent title of this website starting today, it is because I am getting tired of this SEO stuff and I can’t focus on what the real purpose of this blog. So starting today, definitely […]