WordPress 2.7 Beta 1 Released

The famous and my favorite CMS (content management system), WordPress, released its 2.7 beta version last November 1. I already seen this that day but I did not discuss about it yet since that time I have no time to try it. Just only this night, I installed it on my website in a separate […]

Friendster uses WordPress

I actually don’t use Friendster frequently. It is because I am not fond of posting my “not so nice” photos and posting testimonials to other people (maybe because I am not bolero or I am too old for this). But I think I will change my mind about this not because my looks improves on […]

Upload Photos on Picasa Web

For several years that I have been blogging, I encountered a lot of image hosting websites to cater my photo / image hosting needs. Recently I am using Picasa Web to host my pictures specially in one of my blog in i.ph. Actually the i.ph blog hosting has their own image hosting capabilities but the […]

Change Title Permanently

I decided this morning to change the title of this website to “Filipino Programmer on the Web”. It will be the permanent title of this website starting today, it is because I am getting tired of this SEO stuff and I can’t focus on what the real purpose of this blog. So starting today, definitely […]