New Avatar

Here’s my new avatar for my website. It’s not yet done but I’m already excited with it so I posted it immediately after I modify it a little. This was drawn by Joselito Canlas, a friend and student of mine. He’s really a talented guy and he uses MS Paintbrush to draw this avatar. I […]

WordPress 2.6 Now Available

The famous WordPress is now available on a new stable release which is WordPress version 2.6. It’s a minor revision from 2.5.1. I found this when I visit my blog today. After reading a lot about its convincing features, I decided to upgrade my blog to this version. I like its new features specially on […]

Really Busy!

I did not make any posts for the past few days because I was so busy with my work. My schedules right now are overloaded. My “boss” gave me a lot of schedules for the current year and so I have little time to search for things to post over this blog. I can’t even […]