New Avatar

Here’s my new avatar for my website. It’s not yet done but I’m already excited with it so I posted it immediately after I modify it a little. This was drawn by Joselito Canlas, a friend and student of mine. He’s really a talented guy and he uses MS Paintbrush to draw this avatar. I […]

Busby Blog and Capiz Chess Blog

Yesterday, I’m really tired with my trip from Iloilo and I’m really sleepy so I was not able to write any article for my blog. The other day I already started configuring my new blogs for my entry on the Busby SEO Challenge and at the same time I started to make available the information […]

WordPress 2.6 Now Available

The famous WordPress is now available on a new stable release which is WordPress version 2.6. It’s a minor revision from 2.5.1. I found this when I visit my blog today. After reading a lot about its convincing features, I decided to upgrade my blog to this version. I like its new features specially on […]

Problem with my SmartBro again!

This morning I want to check my email and post something on my blog but the problem is my connection is not working. My network, SmartBro, acquires an IP address but unable to browse or even connect to YM! I concluded that there’s another SmartBro problem going on so I called their *1888 hotline to […]

Really Busy!

I did not make any posts for the past few days because I was so busy with my work. My schedules right now are overloaded. My “boss” gave me a lot of schedules for the current year and so I have little time to search for things to post over this blog. I can’t even […]