You Can’t Undo “Disavow Links” So Be Careful!

You can now “disavow links” or disown spammy or low quality links to possibly improve your ranking on Google and clean up your site’s reputation through the use of the newest feature of Google Webmaster called “Disavow Links.” With this feature you can request Google not to consider links that you consider harmful to your […]

SpeedyMirror: Yet Another Simple and Free CDN for Your Blog

If you’re looking for a much faster and simpler to configure CDN (content delivery network) for your WordPress blog or website to make it to load much faster then you might want to use the free (or the cheaper) CDN services of SpeedyMirror. It is a content delivery network solution provider that offers a free […]

Speed-up Your Website with a Free Secured CDN Named CloudFlare

If you can’t afford to get CDN from MaxCDN or Amazon S3/Cloudfront then you might want to try this free content delivery network to make your website to load faster and much secured from possible DOS (denial of services) attacks. The said CDN is called CloudFlare which features free caching your pages and delivering it […]