WordPress Plug-in for Faster Website

It is important that your WP sites are responding well whenever your visitor visits. Not only because, Google officially announced that they’ll include site speed and performance as part of the ranking signals or factor for ranking your website on their SERP but also it is because that this will improve the user experience of […]

Site Performance Discussed by Maile Ohye

Here’s an interesting video from Google Webmaster Help channel on Youtube regarding site performance and its relation to the conversion and ranking of website on search engines. … post will be updated later, I need to go with my kids. But I guess the video will tell all what you want to know about the […]

Is Content Still King in SEO?

The video shows Matt Cutts explaining the number of algorithms that they are making every week plus his opinion regarding “content as king.” He didn’t actually answered it directly but he mentioned that quality content is necessary but still it is the technique of the article or content owner on how it will be promoted […]

Don’t Mind the Meta Keywords!

It is what the latest video of Matt Cutts in Google Webmaster Help Youtube channel is all about. Google, Yahoo and Bing already announced that there are not considering the meta keywords that you stuff on the <head></head> part of your web pages as part of their ranking algorithm.  However, on the video Matt emphasizes […]

No More 403/501/500 Error When Traffic Spikes

I really love my new hosting! For the 2nd time around, it handles the spike in traffic that happens to my site during the fight of Manny Pacquiao and Joshua Clottey. I am currently using BLUEHOST. There’s no problem when the traffic kicks and come to think of it, I am hosting two sites that […]