Causes of Decrease in Backlinks

You might be wondering why your backlinks suddenly drop after you check it using backlink checker tools like those simple tool provided by Yahoo Site Explorer (which you can use by typing link: This is not a cause of any penalty nor banning thing but its more on the other website. Here are some of […]

Web Design and SEO Relationship

Web design and search engine optimization are two factors that play a vital role for successful online business. A good web design can provide a good user interface that will let your users to easily navigate all through the features of the site. Aside from that, the design provides a lasting impression that will let […]

Google Personalizing Search Results

Google announced that they are on a stage in personalizing the search results of the search engine users even the users didn’t turn on the Web history of their Google accounts and even they are not sign-in. Usually, personalize results can be seen whenever you are logged on in any Google accounts through web history. […]