Don’t Block Duplicate Contents on Your Site

Google through Matt Cutts said that they are not recommending site owners or webmasters to block duplicate contents that exist on their sites. He is referring to blocking the said dupe content through the use of DISALLOW option of ROBOTS.TXT and the NOFOLLOW, NOINDEX meta tag. Instead Matt said that all the contents should be […]

Effective Organic Link Building Methods

Matt Cutts released a video containing the response to an inquiry on different ways to build organic links aside from creating great contents. He still explained that it is still contents that is considered the best way to create backlinks to your site. Here are some of what he have mentioned on the video: Stories […]

My First PR and Article Submission Site

Today, I decided to convert my “Sikat Ang Pinoy” website found at to become the first English and Filipino/Tagalog article submission site. I already enabled the registration process on the site but I wasn’t able to fix the Adsense sharing system and the theme of the site. However, this mean that you can register […]

Dofollow Comment System May Harm Your Site

On the latest video of Matt Cutts, he answered a question regarding dofollow commenting system and how it could harm the reputation of a site. He said that if a site contains spammy comments and linking to low quality sites, this makes the site’s reputation negatively affected. Since dofollow blogs (blogs with comment system with […]

Sikat Ang Pinoy Concluding, New SEO Contest from ClaremontDesign 2010 Announced

Claremont Design, a professional web design consulting company in California announced its newest search engine optimization competition. It is a two month campaign that will start tomorrow, February 13, 2010 at 11 ‘o clock in the morning Philippine time. The said SEO event invites all bloggers, SEO specialists and practitioners to showcase their skills and […]