Speeding Up Your Site: Loading Ads Script Last

Load speed of your site is important not only to comply to Google’s ranking algorithm and have a sound SEO friendly site but also to make your users to have a great experience on your site. There are some cases that advertising scripts that is embedded on the site which are usually rendered using Javascript, […]

No One Can Guarantee No. 1 in Google Ranking

If you are looking for a SEO Consultant or SEO specialists to work on your site, get the consultant that will not give any deceptive statement or guarantees that your site can be ranked number one. No one can guarantee the top rank. The only stuff that they can provide is to guide you or […]

Google “May Day” Algorithm Change Affects Long-Tail Searches

Matt Cutts via Google Webmaster Help Youtube channel recently answers the question of some webmasters and SEO specialists around the world about the recent update of Google algorithm changed dubbed as “May Day.” This is called “May Day” because the changes applied happened April 28 to May 30, 2010. According to Cutts, this changes doesn’t […]