Have you experienced the situation where you have an article targeting a certain keyword or key phrase then you find out that you are outranked by a site which contains exactly the same content as your article? Then you check that site and you see that it contains almost all the contents of the articles from your site? How would you feel? Disappointing right?

My friend’s blog (and sometimes mine but I don’t mind it), did experience that situation a couple of times. Since she’s a good article writer, she is been a victim of content scrapers for several times and been complaining to me that the other site steal her traffic and content. If she will try to complain via sending email to the owner of the site, it will be useless. Well, worry no more great article writers, Google have done something about it.

Today, I’ve read the blog post of Matt Cutts regarding Google’s newest algorithm intended to counter content scrapers and minimize low quality contents on the web. The said algorithm was launched earlier this week and according to him this made original contents to be seen rather than the scraped or copied one. Of course this doesn’t guarantee a 100% no spam search results but it is good move for them.

Well, this will really be a sad day for scrapers but this will be a great triumph for hard working writers like my friend!

What do you think about the newest algorithm launched by Google? Will this can really stop auto-content generators of the web?

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