Monetize your site!If you are looking for a better Adsense alternative to make money online with your current websites, then you might want to try SMOWTION. I have tried several ad network out there but this is simply one of the great high-earner network I have ever found. They provide several types of ad form such as the ad banner that we usually use on Adsense and the pop-under ads.

If you are really interested to earn more from what you have, read on.

Now if you are planning to sign-up for an account, try clicking on the banner on this article. By signing-up through the banner provided here you are automatically qualified to have an 80% revenue share from Smowtion. Usually when you sign-up via the direct process, Smowtion will only give you an initial 60% revenue share but through the special link that I am providing here, you will definitely earn more from your traffic.

Don’t worry, the ads from Smowtion is 100% compatible with your other existing ads from Adsense or other text link ads. It just add more money to your pocket but with great style and design compare to other ad network out there.

Now here are some tips that you might want to consider to make a smooth experience with SMOWTION.

  1. Use IFRAME version on banner ads instead of the JAVASCRIPT version. IFRAME version makes no issue with the loading of the site and doesn’t slow down the rendition of your content. Thus, does not have a negative affect on site speed. Even YOUTUBE right now uses IFRAME on their embed codes.
  2. Make use of the pop-under ads. It got higher earning and not annoying compared to pop-ups. Pop-under just pop behind your page which will be seen by users after they close your page so there’s no annoying experience for them but higher earning for you.

Now what are you waiting for, SIGN-UP now at SMOWTION and earn more from your website.

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mobile phone blog
12 years ago

i m going to use adsense and smowtion pop under on my site