Cebu Seo Contest: Ferdinand Magellan's commemorative cross in a church on Cebu marks his arrival in the Philippines in 1521
Cebu Seo Contest: Magellan's Cross in a Cebu Church

CEBU SEO CONTEST Roxas City, Capiz – While the Busby SEO Challenge is about to end and UK Webmaster World’s kabonfootprint contest already started, a local SEO contest was announced by PHblogger dot Net. The key phrase to optimize for the said SEO contest is

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[…] current state of my SEO contest entries. Now, even in a local SEO contest in the Philippines called Cebu SEO contest, my entries are not even visible on page one but ranked very low on result pages. Even my post […]


[…] I do. By the way I concluded that my blog is not ranked high because I found out that my rank on Cebu Seo Contest entry is nowhere to be found. I see it is indexed but I can’t see it anywhere in the Google […]


[…] be very timely for me to announce this local SEO contest in the Philippines called Pinoy Blogger: Cebu Seo Contest. Only Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao bloggers are allowed to join this challenge. The target keyword […]

15 years ago

thanks for joining..use for the ranking..