iphone-3g-in-the-philippines.jpgWow! iPhone will be sold to the general market at only $99 per unit. That’s right this amazing gadget from Apple will hit the shelves of one of the biggest retail market in the US: in Wal-Mart. This cheaper version of iPhone will be expected to be available on late December this year or before Christmas. The specification of this unit will be of course lesser compared to the original priced units. The said gadget’s space will be 4 gigabyte only. However, 8 and 16 gigabytes iPhone will be discounted too at $199 and $299 respectively. However, this prices are accompanied by the cost of the data services provided by AT&T.

This will definitely make a lot of gadget lovers very happy this Christmas season because of this very affordable price of this phone. I wonder if they will release that kind of version in the country. I hope so and how I wish that this 4 gigabyte version of this unit will be distributed in the Philippines. If that happens, I might change cellphone services from Smart to Globe. If anybody who got a good heart to send me a copy of this phone, hehehe, it will be my pleasure to accept it with all of my heart and I guess I can’t find words to describe my feelings when this happens. ๐Ÿ˜€

One more thing, hmm…, “Calling the attention of Globe, please make this 4 GB iPhone available on your post-paid plans and let me know ’cause I want one.” ๐Ÿ™‚

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14 years ago

by the way, if u have info where we can buy the $99 iphone here in the phils., pls let me know. i want to grab one! thanks!