mayweather-vs-marquez-fightThe following are the log of events prior to Mayweather vs. Marquez fight this coming September 19. It is updated regularly and the source of online viewing of the fight will be provided later whenever it is available during the fight. So for the meantime, you can read the following events and happenings during the training and preparation of the match.

Latest Update: Mayweather won the match against Marquez in unanimous decision. For results, post fight conference, and replay information regarding the Mayweather vs. Marquez match, just visit this blog HERE.

09.18.09. Mayweather misses the weight limit having 146 pounds which is 2 pounds heavier than the agreed weight limit of 144 lbs. On the other hand, Marquez only weighs 142 lbs. I think they will financially penalized Mayweather because of this (and no DQ 🙂 ). How will Marquez will handle this heavy opponent, that’s the question now by different boxing spectators, fans and analysts.

09.18.09. HBO webcast the official weigh-in of the fight. You can watch it right now if you want HERE.

09.15.09. The fight will be aired on ABS-CBN in the Philippines, one hour after the fight at Sept. 20 10AM PHT (Sept. 19, 10PM ET). Actually they are promoting the said fight several weeks already.

09.10.09. Mayweather on the last phase of his training on the other hand Marquez revealed his “secret” on HBO 24/7 regarding his “vitamin” after the training.

09.05.09. Undercard of the event are: Chris John vs. Rocky Juarez, Michael Katsidis vs. Vicente Escobedo and the Zab Judah (which was previously reported to back out but decided later to continue to fight) vs. Antonio Diaz. This is based on HBO Boxing news.

08.29.09. The HBO 24/7 Mayweather vs. Marquez starts airing today and the signal to countdown before the fight.

08.20.09. Officials for the fight were named. Veteran referee Tony Weeks will be the third man in charge of the match. Burt Clements (Nevada), Dave Moretti (Nevada) and William Lerch (Illinois) will be the judges of the 12-round welterweight bout.

08.11.09. Media is asking if what will be of Mayweather after the fight? Will he fight with Ricky Hatton once more? Hatton seems to show interest on fighting Mayweather once more.

08.05.09. Mayweather released a messsage on his twitter account at: to make some noise on his upcoming fight using the latest social media network. His twit stated:

Marquez says hes goin after my ribs but theres no weakness in MONEY MAY. Only ribs he’ll b diggin n2 will b at Outback after I take him down

07.29.09. Update: The fight was moved to September 19, 2009 at 9PM ET / 6PM PT at MGM Grand Arena, read the details here: Mayweather vs Marquez. On the other hand, HBO will be airing the 24/7 HBO Special of the Mayweather vs. Marquez on July 29 while undercard matches will be listed here later.

News archive about the match below:

The fight between Mayweather and Marquez that is set this July was postponed due to the rib injury acquired by Mayweather during his training. No schedule was announced for the said future match.

After the stunning victory of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao against Ricky “Hitman” Hatton last May 2 at MGM Grand, Las Vegas  (read the story here: Pacquiao vs Hatton), the retired undisputed and undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced his come back in the world of boxing and tries to claim his crown as the king of the ring. Mayweather will start his come back by an opening fight on July 18 against the mexican Juan Manuel Marquez at MGM Grand in Las Vegas where they will be fighting on 143 or 144 pounds weight category.

Mayweather vs. Marquez
Mayweather vs. Marquez

The same bragging mouth of the last Mayweather is still dominating in his every interview today and he is not really convinced that Pacquiao is the best fighter of all time. He claims that he have never been lost ever and the fighter that can produce millions in every fight. This fight between them will be the trigerring device for the coming future Pacquiao vs Mayweather match, if ever he wins this July fight against the Juan Manuel Marquez which is also aiming to fight again Pacquiao.
I am really one of those who really loves to watch boxing and actually one of those who jump for joy when Pacquiao wins his latest fight. That’s why you might see some of my posts here discussing about boxing every now and then instead of the usual SEO tips and advices. Well, I just can’t rid myself from not saying anything about the fight and the things that I can provide for my fellow boxing fanatics. This is the reason that I will cover the Mayweather vs Marquez match here so you will find here the schedules, news, results and updates about the upcoming fight between these two Pacquiao rivals. I will also provide information on how to watch the said fight on pay per view (PPV), on the ring via tickets sold or via online streaming. As of now, I haven’t heard of any news about who will be the official media partner of the fight between Mayweather and Marquez in the Philippines.

I will update this post regarding this anticipated boxing match, so stay tuned guys!


  1. prempeh jnr

    hard work determination prayers n believe u re de champ floyd jnr.

  2. jay_a KABA

    floyd mayweather, yeah all boxer have different way of fighting but my man MANNY PAQUIAO is on the way run floyd run….just what u always doing inside the ring…..paquiao will goin to kick ur ass……

  3. pat

    mayweather is the best fighter in the world pacquiao is too small mayweather is too strong 12 rounds mayweather on points easy too fast too and too smart mayweather all the way

  4. albert

    champion u dee haterz

  5. Yazmin

    I dont know about all you guys, but Marquez is still the better boxer for me even if he lost to Mayweather, The thing is that it wasn’t a match to begin with. As much desire that Marquez had to win, it was to tough to achieve because Mayweather is very strong (not a good boxer), he toughens up like a rock when waiting for the counter fighting, so when Marquez throws punches it’s like hitting a brick wall. To me, Mayweather made it difficult to watch because he wasn’t giving Marquez a fight, he only boxed when he saw Marquez wearing out, then he gives a couple of punches and thats it. LAME! what the hell man. His style and weight were’nt a match for Marquez alltogether. Marquez has by far better techinique for boxing, he just picked the wrong fighter. He gave it all that he possibly could, and I give him props for that, and he won with dignity. Mayweather did not knock him out, or left him beat up. Marquez was a super warrior till the end.

  6. april

    i hate mayweather… conceited!

  7. mohomed

    nice fight billion dollar man i like ur fight it was the best

  8. slingwec

    people that say mayweather sucks are stupid. people that say marquez sucks are stupid. Theyre both great warriors with different fighting styles, thats it.

  9. elmer

    The point here is Mayweather still the man!!!!!!!!!! Tactics reinghs.

  10. Marc

    Mayweather is so f*cking boring to watch… Not my kind of boxer. Waiting for the counter… talking sh*t but not bringing it… He sucks donkey [email protected]

    He is still undefeated, but in real life, he wouldnt stand a chance. I bet he wouldnt even beat a lightweight in the UFC.

  11. valentine

    you know mayweather jr;remember this…….after your fight with pacquiao,your going to cry in your father’s chest,a sour loser.your the same with your father,you both have a BIG BIG MOUTH.

  12. khalid

    Hi all

    Do you have any full video for this boxing match ?


  13. Danny

    baddest man on the ring? c’mon dude, what kind of fighter runs the entire fight? oh wait, Gayweather does!!! For all those who believe he is a “great” fighter, you must know nothing about the art of boxing… That is all i have to say…

  14. the hitman

    i agree with THE BOSS mayweather is THE MAN! baddest man in the ring! marquez……WHAT A JOKE.

  15. edi d pogi

    We all know the result,so to all who says Marquez as #1, better check ur math.FMW can surely box and can dodge punches..and so cunning but lets face it, its boring,sore for the eyes!Boxing fans want to see real fighter who is fearless,whos willn to take a who make the fight worth the money people are paying with hard earned money! ! There is such a fighter,his name..Manny Pacquiao!!

  16. The BOSS

    I cant believe you people thought Marquez would win the fight he wasnt good at all it was a breeze he was to slow to little and he was a waste of mayweather’s time i cant wait for the mayweather vs pacco fight maybe this one will be more interseting to watch. Mayweather the POUND 4 POUND CHAMP YA DIG

  17. Adam

    fantastic combat

  18. scott

    mayweather is my number one man to win i wanna se maywether v the pac man now that will be a great fight to se i think i love boxing i all so think ricky hatton should soon hang up the gloves to be honest he was one of the best fighters but i think his time has come but wat ever he dose i will suport him no matter wat i love ya ricky if ya come bk then come back strong

  19. chava

    man mayweather has no chance sure his undefeated but not for long

  20. the hitman

    mayweather is the man simple as that. i cant wait for him to knock this bum marquez out!

  21. Guys I do hope that Mayweather should win the fight for the future Pacman vs Pretty Boy Match next year! Lets watch it and enjoy the fight! 🙂

  22. I have nothing against Mayweather, it’s just that he and his father a BIG mouth…If their words can kill, their opponents will never stand a chance…

  23. jas

    Go home marquez fans! Go home pacquiao fans. its mayweather! ALWAYS!!!

  24. WAPAK

    Well i believe that it will be a close fight between the two boxer. Maywether is such a great boxer but not a great fighter. His boxing style is quite different from others, yes he is undefeated, but have you seen him fight head to head with a strong opponent? well definitely not. because his style are more on running around the four corners of the ring.

  25. el azul

    Mayweather may run, buy can’t hide. he is greasing his bike again. hope Marquez is smart enough to stand in the middle of the ring and wait for this “so called boxer” to stand up, stop running and fight. if he does that, he does not stand a chance against Mr. Marquez. nuf said……..

  26. Danny

    One more thing… If Mayweather is the “BEST” pound for pound, why is it that he has never wanted to accept a fight against Antonio Margarito? could it be that he is scared of him? And if anyone doesn’t know anything about Margarito, you should research him and how Mayweather turned down a multi million dollar deal to fight him…

  27. Danny

    OK… so Mayweather is the undefeated champ, no doubt about it. However, he has yet to fight a real fight. you have never heard of mayweather winning a great battle of two warrior. you have never seen him come back from a near defeat to win a fight. He is afraid to go head to head with a real fighter. All he does is run around the ring. In the other hand, Marquez knows what defeat tastes like. He has gone against real fighter who leave it all on the ring. C’mon he fights like all Mexicans do(except Oscar de la hoya), he pushes forward. Mexican style boxing is not for the weak and cowards who are afraid to go head to head and let their punches do the talking. So, with that said: If you believe that mayweather is a real fighter, feel free to show the real battles he has been in, which i highly doubt you will find.

  28. arix

    maybe marquez will be knockdown, because of the quick pouch of these mayweather…….it depends on (tsamba) filipino word…..

  29. Noa'H

    to all the boxer’s who wants to be champ.. God’s said he who humble himself shall be exalted.. don’t boast too much.. b’coz you dont know what can be happen.. just train hard and be humble like a dove.. a wise like a serphants.. give the Glory to God.. God Bless you all!!

  30. brisa

    maaannn floyd money maywether is one of tha best fighters and marquez 2 wooow diz is going 2 bee a good fight goo floyd

  31. Alson

    hahaha.. looks like people here would like to box each other too.
    well im a boxing fan as well and they are all great boxers..

    Floyd GAYweather (as per mike jones)
    Juan “TAQUITOS” Marquez (as per Mark C.)
    “Bloody Ugly” Pacquiao (as per Matty)

    I wanted to see Floyd and his big mouth crushed and beaten by Marquez to give him a lesson but in the end I want Floyd to win so he can fight Pacquiao. At least they all have a chance to beat each other.. lol

  32. Edwin

    First of all Mayweather has talent. He is one of the best out there, but i dont consider him as the pound for pound. All he knows how to do is dance around the ring, he will never fight a fight. The man can box yes! But he aint no fighter. On the other hand Marquez my respect to marquez. He has had Wars in the ring not only with one but many fighters. Mayweather vs Marquez ???we all know who is going to win, Mayweather of course, But like always same old thing dance dance and punch. Boring Fight people, Now Pac Man Vs Cotto you have to see that fight. True warriors on deck

  33. Snook

    MONEY MAY will do something Pacman has failed to do twice. He will destroy this fool! Marquez is absolute garbage and Pac couldn’t ever beat him. Once he walks through Marquez, he’ll rundown Pac. Pac and Marquez don’t belong in the same sentence or ring as MONEY MAY!!!

    MONEY MAY WILL PREY; marquez takes a dive in five!!!

  34. DrewFoo

    It really doesnt matter… Money May is going to work Marquez then give it Manny Pac man then people are going to say Marquez and Manny are to small for Money May. So even after he woops both there a5s he wont get the credit he deserves!! HI Haters!!

  35. derektor

    whether its marquez or weather the bottom line is paquiao will kick the a5s who wins lol :O

  36. majok

    what i have observe with the last fights of the 2 fighters…..1st about FMW he will show as the replecation of fight like his with ricky hatton he will just dance in ring and not the kind of fighting like seen with the great fighters just like paquiao…what a boring fight i dont wana cheer man….ill just eat pop corn……

  37. Ozy

    I think Floyds a badboy boxer, n he aint undefeated for no reason, Marquez is good too but my moneys definetely on Floyd, he dont go in2a ring hopin to win, he has already made his plans on how he will win, he is definetely the pound for pound best boxer in the world, so evry1s who dnt think this ur jus haters n cant accept the truth!

  38. tiger

    i think floyd and juan m. alternate round vs pacman.
    and surely both boxer will cry after the 5rd. lol

  39. alfie

    I’m one of the boxing lover……. bout pacquiao he is the true lion heart which talked not with his mouth but his fist. . . . he never ever under estimate all his opponent even he knows he’s better than them in talent in the world of boxing. Not like JMM who always claimed that he is better than pacquiao, i think he need to be ashamed what he said for two fights with the greatest filipino boxer he always crawl in the floor, 3 times in the first round during their first matched den slowly fall liked a bird shooted in the tree during 3rd round in their second matched, now how can he say that he is better than manny.?????????????????????????
    mayweather is also one of the warrior in the ring, but not best as manny which is the king of ring in this era. what makes him funny is he so talkative, and his undefeated record always boast in the interview, for the fair decision with the eye of the witnessed of del la hoya fight he was defeated by points. mywater v marques fight maybe he can defeat marques obviously but not pacquiao ……………. LET YOUR FIST DO THE TALKING…….

  40. kylin

    floyd is going to beat the the snot out of marquez and i know it because floyd is the best.if he can beat the world’s largest man of course he can beat marquez and that is true.if you don’t believe me just watch and see.and stop hating on floyd money mayweather!!!and one more thing boo!!! boo!!! boo!!! marquez, check out floyd’s hands.why everyone is saying marquez is going to win he is not because floyd is going to knock the lights out of him.FLOYD MONEY MAYWEATHER IS THE BEST.FLOYD MONEY MAYWEATHER!!!

  41. dawgcatcher

    marquez is the best with out a dout filpinos are gay and they stink there girls have no body and look like the block punches with ther face ,gooks

  42. darkmole

    i hope marquez wins coz mayweather is all talkshit, as big as USA. pacquiao is from the philippines, where truly his left hand are the tropical storms and his right, the tropical heat!!!


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  44. julito mulato

    i supposed that the boxer can might be knock out is not yet to be born, or perhaps hes born but yet to be cercumcise, and regarding JMM. i think he is good boxer, but the power punch of JMM. is very handy by pacman. about mayweather jr. yes i agree he has a speed but in hes mouth only.if you a buy a ticket for mayweather fight ,??? much better you throw that money to the bird its hit…..hahahaha….

  45. wayne...arnold

    Mayweather v Marquez will be a lot closer then most predict, even if FMM is running scared, wouldn’t be at all suprised if JMM wins as he is a very tough competitor and has the heart of a lion. Whatever the outcome Pacman will wipe the floor with either of them and prove yet again he is the superior fighter of this era. Pacman has come a long way in the last couple of years and is in a class of his own, Marquez is a great warrior who is very underated as a boxer and deserves a lot more credit then what he recieves, Mayweather is technically very sound but has fought no one and is yet to prove himself as an all time great

  46. LALO


  47. zaldy

    this fight between marquez and mayweather is not an exciting match coz’ marquez is soo stupid, he wont be able to beat mayweather..if happens he wiil win and he face pacman and manny take him away to heaven.hehe

  48. junel

    yeah this is the greatest fight of all times….. im sure marquez will make mayweather mout wider when he punch it…… mayweather will make a movie PLANET OF THE APES PART 2…. bwaha…….. your so scared!!!1

  49. JK

    I’ve been a huge boxing fan for years. This should sum things up Manny Pacquiao is now an all-round fighter and strong in every aspect especially slipping punches and countering. I will admit his style was not very practical back in the day where he was just known as a phillipino slugger he is now properly trained but one of the greatest “Freddy Roach”, a very disciplined fighter! Look at Pacman’s resume he has beaten the best of the best in their prime except for Oscar but still it looks impressive, did you see how he slipped Ricky Hatton’s punches which lead to a vicious knockout! They call him the “Mexicutioner” for a reason. Now lets look at Mayweather, very skilled and should be the definition of entertainment for boxing but look at his resume of fights, it’s very thin!! Zab juddah was an okay fight, and Oscar won that fight in my eyes, even his dad said Oscar won!! Mayweather only takes fights that he can win, end of story. In the end if he beats Marquez and I hope he does because I want to see him fight Pacman, it will be a cakewalk for Manny and Mayweather will finally realize that the king of ring and rightfully proclaimed pound for pound champion will be the phillipino native.

  50. Justice

    If Mayweather losses, he already has an excuse lol!

  51. Justice

    Mayweather and Marquez fight is like an elimination fight, whoever wins, a ticket to face the Pacman.

    If Mayweather wins and face Pacman, I hope there will be no injury (excuses?) for Floyd by that time. This will be one of the greatest fight in history.

    If Marquez wins, maybe Pacman will be force to face him again, this would be a great fight again but ticket sales will not be good.

    So what do you think?

  52. Jenn

    @ Matty
    AHAHAAHHA, you wish 😛 in your dreams..

  53. Banz


  54. jose

    maywheather is a loud mouth thats why he is going to get his ass kick…..
    by a great mexican fighter

  55. Even if Manny were to lose i would still be a huge fan of his…..which i know he will not lose, plus Manny is such a good sport….and i dont care if i am talking a lot, about Manny winning and not… will not be an embarrasment for me….
    i will never turn my back on Manny, he IS the greatest boxer, and I cant wait to see Manny and Maywheather fight…no matter what i will always go for manny..
    Maywheather sucks ass..

  56. THE DINA

    Look, Mayweather is a great boxer. But he is crazy over rated. I mean who’s the most well known fighter he fought besides De La Hoya who was
    over the hill, and Hatton, seriously. Cotto would clobber Mayweather. On Sept 19 Marquez will show why he is the best technical fighter in the game, and then we will see the real fight. Pacman vs Marquez, two fights separated by one point. Let’s settle this once and for all, who is the best fighter p4p. Oh btw, my fellow Mexicans, Marquez is great, but greatest Mexican fighter of all time? C’mon did we forget about the man, seriously Julio Cesar Chavez would have demolished Pacquio and Marquez. Keep it real.

  57. Sinister

    Mayweather has lost before several times but they still give him the fight and Damn he is super boring ! and a little bitch ! I’ll knock him out ! Paquiao is over rated and very Hyped up
    Mayweather and Marquez have already whooped his ass !

  58. MattyIsStupid

    matty, OMFG ur so gonna cry aftrr manny destroys ur loudmouth mayweather. Not a hatton fan anymore?

  59. Maki.>!

    It shock the whole world, the time comes MAYWEATHER vs MANNY PACQUIAO. The lucky punch of MANNY will Knocking Down Mayweather in the middle of the round. That’s the time the pound for pound king Declared the best among the greatest boxer ever of the History of the Boxing Match. We proud, as a Filipino people. The Hands of Manny Pacquiao came from the extra ordinary, given from the Holy Spirits. The Only Human Being Chosen gifted Boxer. And thats our only Hero. The Pound for Pound King, Manny Pacquiao… That’s the End of the Carrer of Mayweather. So if i am the fans of Floyd Mayweather, i started pray today until the moment of time comes, the day of the match…

  60. Myke

    I’ve heard the same stuff before the DelaHoya fight, same with the Hatton fight… “Manny will go down, Manny will Lose… blah blah blah” If Mayweather is that good why would the commentator call his fights boring??

  61. Matty

    OMFG, u bloody pacman fans are so silly, Floyd will and i say WILL beat Manny when they eventually get to fight, Manny isnt a boxer, he is a guy with fast hands that throws a crapload of punches and gets lucky. Floyd is a boxer in every sense of the term, he has awesome punch accuracy, lightning quick hand speed and arguably the best defence in the business today, Manny will have absolutely no chance when he meats Money Mayweather he will punch himself out and then BOOM a check hook to the chin and down goes ur bloody ugly so called pound for pound champ, then all u guys will have to come on all these sites u post on and delete ur comments as u will be proven wrong a hundred times over, so all i have to say is Floyd will smash Marquez and then demolish Manny, peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. rjay

    >>>mayweather jr. is scared to marquez becoz of injury???
    >>stupid excuse>>>

  63. oh whatever…maywheather is just a pathetic loser…if he was so “great” he would have just went straight into the fight with Juan already….
    but no he said he got a “rib injury” which i think is a really stupid excuse..
    and yes Maywheather may have some alright blocking abilites, but Manny is just to fast, and will obviously get the best of him.I dont think that Maywheather is that good at blocking, he will most likley drop his guard and then “POW” right in the kisser…
    Maywheather is just a loud mouth, that just talks to much like his daddy, and he knows that he is scared and keeps trying to avoid the fight. Maywheather isnt necissarily on the top charts anymore, Its Emanuel “Pacman” Pacquiao.and Juan Manuel Marquez…well u can look it up yourself..

  64. Eos

    pac mans gonna tear mayweather apart hes not gonna last for more than 6 rounds i tell you… gay weather fansss!

  65. lee ali

    I dont have any favouritism,i have studied the art of boxing, thou,i dont claim to be the expert,i like Juans style,and i do think,he beat pacman in their second fight,Floyds very good at what he does,and is great at doing what has to be done to win a fight.Juan will have difficulty in getting to Floyd,and i hope he is patient,and gets that counterpunch on target,he’ll have to,to get those points.If Juan gets his defence perfect against Floyd,pretty boy will have some difficulty,in getting to Juan,thou not as much difficulty, but possibly as much diff as well, Juan will have diff in landing on him for obvious reasons.In a straight out boxing match these 2 are closely matched,thou Floyd does have the advantages in reach,and distancing himself from his opponent.Remember these 2 are the best at what they do,in their generation,and i think Juan is getting close to beating pacman,thou old father time may have something to say about this.I sound a little vague for a reason,this will be a see -sawing fight.We will see ,there wont be any surprises come fight night.And all the questions will be answered.If Juan had the advantages of Floyd,i’d put my money on Juan,I hope these points clarify a few things that will come into play.Still dont have the answer.Neither do i but i beleive it’ll be even till one gets the moves over the other.This will be a fight of adaptation for both highly skilled techs.I really dont care for who wins,i like them both,and its gunna be an exciting and educational fight.Bring it on yere!

  66. mike jones

    u guys are all idiots! gayweather please! the best boxer alive! his strengh is defense. he’ll wear marquez down then booom couple hooks now marquez out of the picture. now with that stupid over ratered chinito pac man he’ll do the same let pac man throw his big punches. but with mayweathers blocking abliites all it is gonna do is bounce off his shoulders and he’s gonna get tired maybe floyd wont knock pac man out but he’ll easily get the decision!

  67. hahaha oh my freaken god……planet of the apes….lmao
    thats funny Mayweather would be great for that movie..
    but yeah he still has no chance, against marquez…even if he trains any more….ans he far behind Manny’s awesomenes…lol
    there is just no chance…for Maywheather to win…none what so ever..

  68. joshua

    yes thats true, delaying tactics, GAYWEATHER JR cAnt even handle marquez’s skills, how can he even fight GREAT FILIPINO PACMAN? its really unbelievable that injury, how did that happened? its surely because roger and floyd gayweather jr realized that they made a huge mistake when they returned to boxing and fight marquez, and its nightmare if they fight paquiao too…gayweather jr must quit to boxing and start being and actor in the next episode of “Planet of the APE”

  69. sanchez

    eat your mouth mayweather jr! scared of marquez!? huh? marquez can knock out you but manny pacman pacquiao will burried you dick head! coward!

  70. Jackarooni

    hahah yeah i agree
    Maywheather is a really huge trash talker and cant even back it up, like i said before hes a chicken and should have stayed retired, because he has no chance againt Marquez, and he has no chance against Manny.
    Manny Pacquiao is by far greater than maywheather..

    Manny “Pac-man” Pacquiao is the greatest fighter their is!!!

  71. i think mayweather is scared of pacquiao, coz if he wins marquez, of course he is a mandatory to fight against pacquiao.thats why he make that reason,the unbeleavable reason by floyd mayweather jr.any way his style of fighting is realy borring.

  72. jeff Sy


    He accidentally broken his rib? how? how stupid his trainer if would let his trainee injure himself during training.. this is just a sort of delaying tactic of GAYWEATHER because he’s afraid of Juan Manuel Marquez…

    Maybe GAYWEATHER would start changing his career from being a boxer into either a Disk Jockey or some sort of Showbiz reporter.. he would definitely excel because he was blessed with big mouth that could say million of nonsense words per minute…



  73. Jackarooni

    i think that maywheather is a chicken…..yup i said it, He scared of fighting Marquez, Why else woulod he say that he got a rib injury, its just so sudden and i think its just an excuse to not fight Marquez just yet. Because he knows hes not really to fight him….well in my opinion at least…

  74. Daniel

    it is mayweather written on top not marquez what are you saying Chaparrita.

  75. And that’s gonna be the most exciting fight this year. Could be the first billion dollar fight in history. LOL. anyways, is it true that the fight between mayweather jr and marquez postponed?

  76. Chaparrita

    i think Mayweather is just a clown …BTW BLeuKen mayweather broke a Rib NOT Marquez

  77. Ramyer

    Pacman should defeat dinamita first before he proclaim to the world that he is the best…Why does Pacman evading dinamita to fight with? its becoz dinamita might knock him down…BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!

  78. diego

    Marquez was ready. was probably way disappointed when he heard that. since Mayweather didn’t fight for 2 years, he probably wasn’t feeling good while his training…so he said he faked an injure so he could get more time to train. i also heard low ticket sale, but is not the point. i heard the match was re-scheduled for sept 19 MEX independence weekend. i kind of like it and then i don’t. why not Mayweather will have way more time to train which isn’t fair. why i like it… i’m MEXICAN and i would love to see mayRUNNER get his a%$ kicked by the greatest MEXICAN fighter of all time.

    1. they re-sched it because of Mayweather’s injury

  79. Andy


  80. david

    well i got to say to yall fools is that marquez is going to slap the crap of maywether junior and pacman hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  82. Parazyte Dupri

    blue.. i really like your article. but what struck me most was your mention of the online stream? dude can you pls share it to me?? pls? 🙂
    [email protected]
    thanks blue
    \m/ pinoy rulz \m/

    1. Yeah, your right! but I just love boxing so much 🙂

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