You might be looking right now for a free email marketing solution and a lead generation software that will help you with increase the generation of revenue of your business. There’s a lot of tools out there that can help you but you must read the following notes before choosing one.

With the latest status of economy of the world, it can’t be avoided that you usually cut your budgets for campaigns that will incur expenses at your end. That’s why you avoid expensive efforts and turn to free services online that will lead to almost effortless. That is where automated lead generation tool came in.

Features of Lead Generation and Email Marketing Software

  • Automatic Follow-up. This feature let you automatically send useful messages after several weeks that your audiences engage to your webinars, contact us form and/or download ebook.
  • Gather Data from Event Attendees. You can send survey or poll to check gather good prospects’ level of interest about your business or service.
  • Statistically Identify the Level of Interest of Your Best Prospects. The software let you monitor the level of interest of your prospect giving you a mean to identify the perfect timing to follow up them and send them opportunities that will greatly affect responses.

Demonstration of the System from BuzzBuilderPro

One of the proven tool that is find by tons of businesses today in the US to be useful in their business efforts is the BuzzBuilderPro. They have 30 days free trial for the tool that let you test its features and capabilities and an option to continue the system in a monthly basis. Please see their pricing options for details and scope of the service.

The following shows a glimpse of the features of the lead generation software provided by

Review and Rating

With the rich feature of the tool, it is a must tool for serious mid-sized business that are concern with the responses and feedback of their prospects and much convenient way of sales tracking. With the hot lead tracking alert and other advance features of the tool makes it a perfect prospecting system.

About BuzzBuilderPro

BuzzBuilderPro LogoBuzzBuilder was founded by Jake Atwood, a nationally-recognized sales trainer and President of Ovation Sales Group. For more than a decade, Jake has shown sales professionals how to prospect and gain access to executives who seem impossible to reach. BuzzBuilder is a culmination of his proven tactics for lead generation and appointment-setting. It is an automated, daily prospecting tool used by salespeople to connect with the C-Level and generate sales without cold calling. Source: []

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