I really like Mozilla Firefox compared to Internet Explorer as my browser. I find it fast and reliable. But when I checked on the STATPRESS of this blog, I found out that the top users who visited my site uses IE7 and IE6 as their browsers and Firefox 3 and 2 falls only on the 3rd and 4th frequently used browsers of my visitor. With this on my statistics, I decided to try the new version of Internet Explorer which is the IE8 beta.

Installing IE8 Beta
Installing IE8 Beta

So I downloaded and installed it to my PC. It took only about 5 minutes or less to finish the installation process of the new browser from Microsoft. To try it, I made this blog post using the said browser. They really made a great change on the new browser because my blog loads fast. The problem that I encountered is when i get inside the “Create New Post” of WP. The Title textbox did not display correctly but it is just a minor flaw. The div style used for the textbox might not be correctly set to work well on IE8.

You will see from the picture below the appearance of the “New Tab” window.

IE8 After Install
IE8 After Install

It displays the new features of the browser such as the Reopen Closed tabs, Start InPrivate Browsing and Use an Accelerator. The “Reopen Closed tabs” feature shows previously surfed and closed websites. The InPrivate Browsing feature on the other hand is like the Incognito feature of Google Chrome that allows you to surf the web in “Secret Mode”.

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13 years ago

I recently downloaded ie8 to my laptop and installed it. I had viruses that did not let me access any microsoft and symantec or any safe webpages. I researched what i could do and I managed to find a tutorial on fixing it. the ie8 install worked,and the microsoft webpage worked. the next day, microsoft did not work so I used the tutorial using cmd. the next day, my internet did not work at all.
I have tried using
ipconfig /all
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns
But these only said
“Windows IP Configuration”
and that was it…
how can I fix this?

14 years ago

I’m also a Firefox lover who tried out IE 8 Beta. I think the killer feature in IE-8 is “moused-based search” where you can search with only a mouse. MS calls this Accelerators (or something like that).

That said, the version of mouse-based search which I LOVE is KallOut. kallout.com

It already works over IE (the older versions) and Firefox (my favorite) as well as all of office. It’s really a killer application IMO for mouse-based search, IMO.

What IE8 Beta really needs is a way for the application to automatically choose which accelerator you need to use for a given mouse-based search request.

Just a random reader opinion, anyway. Check out kallout.com for yourself!


kouji | haiku
14 years ago

interesting. true, i find myself wanting to try out different browsers because i see that they’re what my visitors are using. :O