Foxpro to MySQL
Foxpro to MySQL

Ever since the “death” of Visual Foxpro, I changed my primary programming language to much livelier and used offline and online by a lot of people. I shift to PHP, VB.Net and then later will go through Phyton (next year). As part of my transfer to other language, my problem that I encountered was transferring the data from my FoxPro tables to the MySQL server. I refuse to use MSSQL because it is so expensive to implement. Now here’s what I’ve did to transfer the data:

  1. I installed the ODBC connector which you can download at MySQL’s download page.
  2. Then, since I wasn’t able to find a freeware to directly transfer the data from Foxpro to MySQL, I converted first Foxpro tables to MS Access format through converting it to Foxplus format first (using copy to filename type FOXPLUS) then importing it to MS Access as a new table.
  3. I download a free tool that is use to migrate Access database to MySQL which you can download it HERE then use it to transfer the Access data to MySQL. Remember this freeware requires you to install the MySQL’s ODBC connector before it will work.

To summarize what I’ve did, here’s the flow:

Foxpro -> Access -> MySQL
That’s it! That is how I do it. I know its quite messy and I’m too tired to create a program that will automatically transfer the data. Maybe later but for now, these steps works for me.

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Enrico Magbuhat
14 years ago

Where i can get the free software that can fix the foxpro error NOT A TABLE.

Thank you very much

BS.Comsci, BS.MEch.Engr, MBA, MPA
YM, Mail [email protected]