This month of June, new version of OpenSuse was released on the internet.

OpenSuse, which is one of my favorite Linux distribution because of its ease in configuring the system through its YAST, released its new stable version which is version 11. I only knew this yesterday and I’ve already finished installing the 10.3 on our servers and if I just knew it earlier I was able to use it, but maybe I’ll upgrade it if I still have time. OpenSuse 11.0 was officially released last June 19 and maybe because I’m busy with the Busby SEO Challenge, I was not able to see the latest release.

Here are some of the major updates on OpenSuse 11.0:

1. OpenSuse 11.0 desktop now includes Gnome 2.22, the stable release of KDE 4.0 and the 3D look via Compiz Fusion.

2. For browser, OpenSuse 11.0 utilizes the latest release of Firefox 3.0

3. Media Player: Banshee 1.0

4. For office applications, 2.4 is also included.

5. NetworkManger was updated to 0.7 and can support multiple network interfaces.

6. Other update:

  • From Linux Kernel to Linux Kernel 2.6.25
  • GCC 4.2.1 to GCC 4.3
  • glibc 2.8

This Linux from Novell is really going the distance and its getting better every time it is updated. I will definitely download and install it right now! If you want to download it just visit their website at

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