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I have mentioned on my previous post that Google is working on Google Goggles which allows mobile phone users to search through the use of image recognitions taken by the camera on mobile phones. Now, they’ve introduced several new features of the giant search engines aside from the search by sight goggles. They are the Search by Voice, new version of Google Mobile Maps and the real-time search.

The “Search by Voice” or “Google Voice” allows users to issue search queries through the receivers of the mobile phones. The improvement on the mobile maps is that it lets the users to easily search a specific location or establishment that is near his current location. On the other hand, the real-time search is a feature of the search engine to provide latest information from different news resources, social networking sites (like twitter) and other real-time news provider on the web today.

Here’s the video showing what you can expect from the real-time search:

If you want a detail discussion about these new features, you can read Matt Cutt’s post here.

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