How To Prevent Hacking? Surviving It!

Recently a lot of websites are reported being attacked by several hackers from different part of the world. Even the government websites are said to be hacked (which I honestly doubt it and personally in my opinion, I believe that its an inside job, someone gave the access 🙂 ). Now the possibilities that your […]

How to Make Government Sites Like COMELEC.GOV.PH Secure?

The recent hacking of the government site: leads to a lot of doubt if the agency is capable of conducting the computerized election securely. The 2nd attack that leads to the database leak that compromised information of the voters, added to this doubt. Damage have been done and it only proves that there’s a […]

Removal and Prevention of Infections is a website is listed to be suspicious and contains several exploit scripts and trojans that might harm and infect computers. Google marked it as not safe for browsing. I first encountered on a website that I am working on and seen how and where it infects the website. What the trojan did on […]

Computer Crime, Can We Do Something About It?

Computer Crimes and the Law For the past decades, computers are really very useful in different aspect of our life. Almost everything right now are all computer based. Along with this improvement and convenience brought by computers to our lives are some hi-tech problems too. I am talking about “computer crimes” that is really started […]