WordPress Does Not Work After PHP 7 Update : Conflicts, Issues and Fixes

I have mentioned on my Facebook/Twitter post about the PHP 7 update and how I successfully compiled it after an error (see: Error Compiling PHP 7). After I restarted PHP-FPM, my site Bleuken.com does not load anymore and shows a 502 Bad Gateway error in the browser. What I did to fix this is I […]

WordPress 2.6 Now Available

The famous WordPress is now available on a new stable release which is WordPress version 2.6. It’s a minor revision from 2.5.1. I found this when I visit my blog today. After reading a lot about its convincing features, I decided to upgrade my blog to this version. I like its new features specially on […]

New Carpets and Rugs Portal Released

A new portal today was released that lets picky and wise home shoppers today surf and search for different floor decors that fits to their budget and desired design. This portal is called TheCarpetsRugs.com (as of today, the site was not renewed). It contains a list of different kinds of area rugs with their respective […]

Blog Updates this Month

I changed my current theme to Hybrid News, the child theme by the Hybrid Theme framework. As you can see, Bleuken.com has a simple new and professional look now. I am still revising the WordPress theme so that it can provide several features such as sticky post and featured articles. I am also working on […]