New Avatar

Here’s my new avatar for my website. It’s not yet done but I’m already excited with it so I posted it immediately after I modify it a little. This was drawn by Joselito Canlas, a friend and student of mine. He’s really a talented guy and he uses MS Paintbrush to draw this avatar. I […]

1st Monthsarry!

Happy 1st Monthsarry to my website, weeh! It’s bee a month already since I have started this website and I’m really happy with how far this website have been. A lot of things that I have been made to this website to make it much more visible to search engines and readers all over the […]

How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Here are the things that you need to do to make your website mobile friendly. First, test if your website is already mobile friendly or not. You can check it by simply visiting your site using your mobile phone and see if you can easily surf it (your eyes can tell) or use the Google […]

Effective Organic Link Building Methods

Matt Cutts released a video containing the response to an inquiry on different ways to build organic links aside from creating great contents. He still explained that it is still contents that is considered the best way to create backlinks to your site. Here are some of what he have mentioned on the video: Stories […]

Customize Your 404 Page for Better User Experience

There are some cases that visitors or even you misspelled URLs from your site when they try to visit a specific page on your website. Sometimes they use from other site that point to non-existing page or posts from your blogs or website. This happens when you delete a page or rename the permalink or […]