BookmarkingSocial Bookmarking sites are web sites that allow users (SEO or non-SEO practitioners) to save, organize, search and manage bookmarks of web pages on the internet. This bookmarks can be shared or recommended, from different articles to even images and videos. Popular social bookmarking sites today are the Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Mixx, Propeller, Pligg, StumbleUpon and a lot more. Common to these social bookmarking site is the feature of allowing users to rate or vote certain public bookmarks. Which then ranked by the site based on popularity and then post you on the fron page of the site. Usually if you got your site voted up to the page one, it is known that it will really kick off the traffic of your site.

Now, since I am really a big fan of those mentioned social bookmarking websites and I really want to have my own kind of site, so what I did is I build my very own social bookmarking site and named it as Social Weehz ( The social bookmarking site is about several days old and doesn’t have any PR yet but I am in the process of doing such. I know that the site can’t be as big as Digg or Delicious but at least this will be another chance for me to try something else.

I recommend that you register now and receive the PR juice of the new dofollow social bookmarking site today.

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Pasadena Restaurants
13 years ago

This is great! Thanks man!

Mohsin@Rom Machine

Its amazing dude, Thanks for sharing.