I really like having an iPhone 3G and in my desperate search for means of having it I have found one of this contest from John Cow’s blog post: Win a Brand New iPhone 3G which is sponsored by Market Leverage. It started this June 23, 2008 and the registration for this contest will end this July 6.

This contest that will give a brand new iPhone 3G requires you to subscribe RSS of John Cow through your email. You need to leave a comment on the post to register your entries and specify links to your twitts on twitters on this post. Each task requires will give you raffle tickets and a max of 10 tickets. On July 7, winner for this contest will be drawn.

I usually don’t participates in contest like this (raffle) because I’m not a lucky guy. I don’t have that luck that makes me win to this kind of contest but still I try it right now. It’s all because of this awesome gadget iPhone 3G from Apple. I’m really that determine to have it! 😀

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