Causes of Decrease in Backlinks

You might be wondering why your backlinks suddenly drop after you check it using backlink checker tools like those simple tool provided by Yahoo Site Explorer (which you can use by typing link: This is not a cause of any penalty nor banning thing but its more on the other website. Here are some of […]

The “Secrets” of re-CAPTCHA Revealed

A new video was produced by Google Webmaster Help but today it is not about search engine optimization (SEO) or stuff about links from Matt Cutt but now its about how to prevent spams on your website. Luis von Ahn, a research scientist at Google introduced a free service called re-CAPTCHA. It is a service […]

The New Face of Google Reveals

I’ve read and tried about this new face and lay-out of the Google search engine and expecting it this year to be implemented and now recently when I try to check for a certain key phrase (I am looking for my website for the key phrase: Sikat Ang Pinoy – which is a Tagalog […]

How to Have Breadcrumbs for Site on Search Results?

This is the latest video of Matt Cutts about Breadcrumbs on search results and how to implement it on website. Google implemented it on search results but it is still on the early stage so there’s no fixed method or practice that is stated by Matts on the video. However, he emphasized that a “delimited […]

Links from Twitter and Facebook Can It Help?

This year, Matt Cutts is back with this newest video on Google Webmaster Help – Youtube Channel explaining the ranking values and importance of links gained from Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. Here he explained that there is a possibility that link juice may pass from Facebook if your account on FB is […]