Google Caffeine is Now Live, Try it Here!

Yes that is true guys! Google Caffeine is now live in one of the data center and you can try it through the IP: According to Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land, 50% of the time, the said IP is running the Caffeine Index. However, Matt Cutts of Google doesn’t give any specific IP […]

New Google Ranking Factor in 2010: Site Load Speed

Here’s an interesting posts by Search Engine Land where it stated that Google are planning to introduce a new ranking factor and that is the loading speed. This mean that will consider fast loading websites to rank well on their search result pages. Matt Cutts said that this ranking factor might be implemented or take […]

Google Caffeine Will be Out After the Holidays

That is right guys, Google announces the end of the sandbox to move to the release of the next search engine algorithm of the biggest search engine ever existed on the world wide web. According to Matt Cutts (from his blog) that they will move from the developer preview to going live using one data […]

Page Rank (PR) Change on Toolbar Today

As mentioned in, PageRank was dropped by Google Webmaster tools the other week and this emphasizes the message of the giant search engines that webmasters and SEO specialists should not focus so much on PageRank that is shown on their toolbar. However, today, despite this indication of Google on not emphasizing PRs on site, […]

Nofollow and NoIndex Video from Google Webmaster Help

Today, Google Webmaster Help releases new videos discussing the two meta attributes that lets you prevent the “link juice” from your site to flow to other unknown external sites and preventing your website to be crawled and listed on Google’s result pages. The first video discusses the reason why an uncrawled URLs are still on […]