SEO for Google News

Maile Ohye discussed about how to optimize the news article to rank well on Google News in Youtube Google Webmaster Help channel. She discussed several points that will help you make your news site to be more visible on Google News and even on their web search. As you can see today on Google web […]

ccTLD in SEO and Geo Targets

I watched this video from Google Webmaster Help channel in Youtube where Matt Cutts answered a question regarding the results in where sites are currently ranking well on the SERPs (search engine result pages). Right before the changes on the algorithm of Google, website that utilizes ccTLD (country code top-level domains) on their […]

Google Caffeine: Next Gen SE Infrastructure

The next generation of Google infrastructure was announced in Google Webmaster’s blog and Matt Cutt’s blog but I wasn’t able to blog about it. Now, I am informing those who were not yet aware of these “new thing” on Google. Nah, they will not change the colors or appearance of their UI. They are just […]

Easy “Spider Crawling” Key to Successful Ranking

Search engines like Google, changed their algorithms in how they prefer websites to be seen on their pages. Ranking are based on complex computations but optimized and successful ranking, both starts on how the structure of your website can be easily read or crawl by the search engine spiders. That’s why on the latest post […]

Be Part of the Google Webmaster Central

You want to see your webmaster related video tutorial directly from Google Webmaster Central’s site? Well, its your chance to be part of the Google Webmaster site. You can submit it to their site. Here’s the video invitation of Michael from Google. Well, I want to make my own video but I am too busy […]