Is it the Sandbox or it just me?

I have read this topic about Google Sandbox from a blog when I’m looking for answer regarding why my posts are not crawled, indexed and ranked immediately by Google. I’m looking for this answers on the web because I have seen that my posts ranked very low with its keyword that it supposed to rank. […]

Behind Google’s Search Interface

Back in 1996 when I started using the internet, the first search engine I used was Yahoo! I found it’s URL on a computer-related magazine at school so I’ve used it to search things on the net. But I used it more on chatting rather than searching. That was before I discovered a simple looking […]

Yahoo and Microsoft?

Today, I’ve checked the traffic of my website and seen how Yahoo! helps me with the traffic (of course 2nd only to Google). Almost all the referrers for this website came from Yahoo’s search result pages and I’m really thankful that my site started to become more visible on the net. Because of this “slurping […]

No More Google Referrals

Google announces the retirement of Google Referrals this coming August 2008. Google decided to stop with their Adsense Referrals for AdWords advertiser products and Google products. Instead they will serve their clients with their Google Adsense for content and DoubleClick Performics Affiliate. If you are still using this feature of Google, you better replaced it […]

Google Dancing

Yesterday, I’ve checked the search result of for the key phrase “busby seo challenge” and Pogung was leading but now a different website have taken its position on number one. Another SEO master who is very determined to win (as based on his blog posts about Busby SEO Challenge), really started to tighten his […]