Google Err on January 31, 2009

Just a couple of minutes ago, I’ve seen that almost all the keywords that I am searching in Google were all marked as harmful. I’ve seen all the search results were marked as “This site may harm your computer.” I thought I have a malware on my PC or another Google Hijacker penetrates my computer. […]

Advantages of Joining SEO Contests

Do you know why I always give time to participate small to big time SEO competition despite the win is not predictable and the waste of time is inevitable, like the Busby SEO Test and the others? It is because I’ve seen some real benefits that it can give to your website. Specially if the […]

Chat with Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts is the current head of the web spam team of Google and the author of the first version of SafeSearch which is Google’s “family filter.” I usually read his blog to look for new things about the search engine and I usually find answers about things that I use for my SEO stuff. […]

Google’s SEO Advice

Google is the biggest search engine on the net. Ever since it started, its algorithm in treating web sites to rank in its search query results change several time. Actually right now they are not revealing the current algorithm they are using, instead they provide guidelines for webmasters on how to build their websites to […]

Google & Yahoo Shares Ad Revenue

Google agreed to Yahoo! in supplying Yahoo with advertising services to run alongside Yahoo’s own Web search system. Actually this deal was already discusses last June. The recent report from Reuters stated how Newspapers scrutinize this deal and complains that the deal will really hurt the newspaper. Here’s the excerpt of the said report from […]