The next generation of Google infrastructure was announced in Google Webmaster’s blog and Matt Cutt’s blog but I wasn’t able to blog about it. Now, I am informing those who were not yet aware of these “new thing” on Google. Nah, they will not change the colors or appearance of their UI. They are just not like that. They are more focus on how they can deliver much faster and more relevant results rather than an overall makeover of their appearance. This is the reason why this giant search engine became very successful today.

The Caffeine is another cool project of Google to enhance more the current speed and relevancy of the results that they provide to Google users. This might be released sooner so if you want to have a preview of it and give feedback, go to and feel the speed plus the result.

Let us hear directly from Matt Cutts (Google  Heat of Web Spam/Software Engineer) what he said about this new project and find out the reason why he got a hair cut. 🙂

On the video, Matt Cutts was interviewed by Mike Douglas of WebPronews. “They have something in common. I might copy the same hair cut later. 🙂 But I think my wife will not allow it.

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14 years ago

I’ve watched this video on Webpronews and tried using it as well. The search yields fast results but I don’t see much of a difference however Caffeine provides more relevant results of at least a million more based on a particular keyword I’ve tested.