Google, Webmasters and SEO
Google, Webmasters and SEO

As mentioned in, PageRank was dropped by Google Webmaster tools the other week and this emphasizes the message of the giant search engines that webmasters and SEO specialists should not focus so much on PageRank that is shown on their toolbar. However, today, despite this indication of Google on not emphasizing PRs on site, they made a global pagerank update on their toolbar. I checked on my several sites and some of them increases or gain their PR. However this blog still retain its PR3 not moving a one notch.

According to the article that I have read relevant to this update, this send a mixed message for webmasters and SEOs (Google of dropping the PR then updating it for some reasons). A lot of people thought that it will eventually lost from the famous Google toolbar but with the push on new PR data this thought will be changed.

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