New Video Games Getting Smarter

Upcoming RPGs (Role-Playing Games), video games or computer games are getting smarter by having great AI (Artificial Intelligence) software for enemies and story line. Aside from stunning graphics and sounds, imagine computer games are becoming unpredictable and more realistic as the story is going. Virtual enemies or allies are changing tactics depending on how players […]

Uzzap from Smart

Smart Communications released the Philippines first ever mobile all-in-one messages services named “UZZAP.” As according to the press release of Smart: Uzzap is an Internet protocol (IP)-based, downloadable application which allows users to merge several messaging services such as SMS, instant messaging, and email into their mobile phone. Aside from integrating these services, Smart Buddy […]

Mozilla’s Firefox 3 in Guinness

Every time I surf the internet, I always used the browser by Mozilla which is Firefox. When Firefox 3 was released, I am one of the million of people who downloaded it immediately and used it as my latest browser for my PC. I have recently read that due to this millions of downloads gain […]

Win an iPhone 3G this July!

I really like having an iPhone 3G and in my desperate search for means of having it I have found one of this contest from John Cow’s blog post: Win a Brand New iPhone 3G which is sponsored by Market Leverage. It started this June 23, 2008 and the registration for this contest will end […]